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With its wide product range, Koocut offers solutions with class-leading performance which can be flexibly adapted to different product requirements.

Woodworking Saw Blade

Diamond fiberboard saw with scraper1

Diamond Fiberboard Saw with Scraper

Cement fiberboard as a green building material has been broadly applied in the interior and exterior decoration of shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, document halls, closed garment, theaters and other public places. The mass demand of cement fiber board gradually reflects the issues at manufacturing end. The employment of electroplated diamond or stone cutting blade (no sharpening available) for grinding has rises the concern of short lifetime, heavy on-site processing dust and noise.

Diamond single scoring1

Diamond Single Scoring Saw with Uk Tooth Design

Panel sizing saw is one of the most popular equipment for panel furniture manufacturing to do batch manufacture.  Customers expect the purchased cutting equipment could reach a higher efficiency and stability.  However, the features of man-made panel veneer are varied according to different application and prices.  It is more likely to meet chip problem if the veneer coating is thin and soft.  Regular PCD scoring saw blade have a limited performance to deal with these conditions.

Sizing Saw Blade2

Sizing Saw Blade with Vibration-damping and Silent Design

Board sizing is one of the most important processes in the manufacturing of furniture. Machinery and equipment suppliers are consistently optimizing their products to meet clients’ growing needs on efficiency and cost-performance. In line with the revolution of sizing equipment, sizing saw blades are also experiencing upgrades to works better with the new equipment. The overall performance of KOOCUT E0 grade carbide general sizing saw blade for wood-based panels has been at the ...

Aluminum Saw Blade

Diamond aluminum1

Diamond Aluminum Saw Blade with Double Thin Rim Design Side Hubs Design

Aluminum materials profiles are widely applied in industries like aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and constructions. Considering the intensification of competition, customers draw rising attention on the processing efficiency, processing quality and processing cost of aluminum alloy raw materials. PCD saw blade works for 20-50 times of lifetime compared with carbide saw blade, which is generally accepted as an efficient aluminum cutting tool.

Cold Saw


Metal Ceramic Ironworking Cold Saw

Advances in metalworking cold saws and conventional grinding wheels
Metal Ceramic iIronworking cold saw is dedicated to metal processing cutting saw blade, usually used with its supporting equipment, professional and effective use.
And in the metal processing industry, the traditional grinding wheel blades were commonly used in the past to process. The heat is high, the noise is loud, and the effect is general.

Drill Bit


Drill Bits

In the process of furniture manufacturing, drilling applications are very widely used. Drilling is applied to all kinds of boards, solid wood, veneer, melamine board, multi-layer board and other materials. Customer’s requirement  on the hole performance is getting higher and higher, and there must be no burrs, especially the edge of the melamine board cannot be chip.

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