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Pre-Sale Service


1. Our professional sales team provides services for customized customers, and provides you with any consultation, questions, plans and requirements 24 hours a day.
2. Assist customers in market analysis, find demand, and accurately locate market targets.
3. Professional R&D talents cooperate with different institutions to research customized demand.
4. Free samples.


Sale Service


1. It meets customer requirements and reaches international standards after a variety of tests such as stability test.
2. Choose the stability raw materials suppliers in China.
2. Ten quality inspectors originally cross-checked, strictly control the production process, and eliminate defective products from the source.
4. Tested by TUV, SGS or a third party designated by the customer.
5. Assurance the leading time on time.

After-Sales Service


1. Provide documents, including analysis/qualification certificate, insurance, country of origin, etc.
2. Ensure that the qualified rate of products meets customer requirements.
3. Solve the complaint positively and cooperate customers to solve problems.
4. Support on-site service more than once a year to understand the needs of customers in the local market.


Production & Quality Control


Supplier Quality Control

Raw material tooth groove angle inspection

Raw material hardness testing

Our company strictly in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system, the management of qualified suppliers, and the procurement of raw materials for the material specifications, grades and heat treatment status of the item-by-item inspection.

In addition to carefully check the information provided by the supplier, the raw materials and semi-finished products of different furnace lot numbers in accordance with national standards entrusted to a third-party testing organization to carry out metallurgical testing sampling, to ensure that the raw material end of the company's products meet the basic requirements of the manufacturing, and seriously do a good job of the factory acceptance records, disposal of substandard products or return to the supplier.

Process Control

According to the requirements of total quality management, the company emphasizes the full participation of quality control process.

Starting from technology, first-line operators and quality control personnel, we strictly follow the product inspection system and execute the first three inspections. Ensure that the products of this process comply with the indicators of product design, follow the principle that the next process is the customer, and put every hurdle, and resolutely do not let the unqualified products of this process flow into the next process.

Our company in the product manufacturing process is also for the characteristics of different processes, the production process control, people, machines, materials, methods, environment and other basic links to develop appropriate control plans and regulations, in the skills of personnel, equipment, process information and other aspects of the operation of the state of the rules and regulations to be followed.

Special Process Controls

Stress testing, welding tooth shear testing, hardness testing, etc.

Our company is equipped with perfect test and inspection instruments, for the special process of circular saw blade manufacturing, using process parameters to control the method, and to take a scientific sampling ratio for the corresponding test or life test on the results of manufacturing re-examination to ensure delivery to customers is in line with the company's products factory standards of qualified products.

Quality Analysis & Continuous Improvement

Our company's quality control department adopts scientific analytical means to summarize and analyze quality problems, and continuously improves product manufacturing and quality by organizing cross-functional teams to carry out thematic research and continuous improvement of the problems identified.

Acceptance of Finished Product

Product First.

In order to ensure that each batch of products can meet the performance and life requirements of the design, the company has set up a special laboratory, the production of finished products in accordance with the batch of actual cutting performance tests and life tests, to ensure that the delivery of products to the hands of customers meet the requirements


Supplier quality control

Relevant footage of incoming materials area and substrate warehouse, and inspection personnel conducting on-site re inspection

The company strictly follows the requirements of the quality management system to manage qualified suppliers, and conducts item by item inspections on the material specifications, grades, and heat treatment status of the purchased raw materials. In addition to carefully verifying the various materials provided by the suppliers, the company entrusts a third-party testing agency to conduct metallographic testing and spot checks on raw materials and semi-finished products of different furnace batches according to national standards, ensuring that the raw material end meets the basic requirements of the company's product manufacturing, And carefully keep records of incoming acceptance, dispose of non-conforming products or return them to suppliers

Factory acceptance records, some metallographic inspection images, some materials delivered by the supplier, etc


Process control

Scenarios of processing in various production workshops, while operators use different detection tools to detect product lenses, reflecting self inspection, mutual inspection, and specialized inspection scenes

According to the requirements of comprehensive quality management, the company emphasizes the full participation of all personnel in the quality control process, starting from technical personnel, frontline operators, and quality control personnel. It strictly follows the product inspection system, implements the first three inspections, and ensures that the products in this process meet the various indicators of product design. It follows the principle that the next process is the customer, controls every step well, and resolutely prevents unqualified products from flowing into the next process. In the product manufacturing process, the company also controls the production process based on the characteristics of different processes, and formulates corresponding control plans and regulations for basic links such as human, machine, material, method, and environment. It ensures that there are rules to follow in various aspects such as personnel skills, equipment operation status, and process data.

Inspection records, equipment inspection forms, equipment status identification


Special process control

Inspection scenarios such as stress testing, welding tooth shear force testing, hardness testing, etc

The company is equipped with comprehensive testing and inspection instruments. For the special process of circular saw blade production and manufacturing, process parameter methods are used for control, and scientific sampling ratios are used for corresponding tests or life tests to retest the manufacturing results, ensuring that the products delivered to customers are qualified products that meet the company's factory standards



Quality analysis and continuous improvement

Quality control department scene, and please ask Sister Zhang to cooperate

The quality control department of the company adopts scientific analysis methods to summarize and analyze quality issues. By organizing cross functional teams to conduct thematic research and continuous improvement on the discovered problems, the manufacturing and quality level of products are continuously improved



Acceptance of finished products

Experimental center, semi-finished product warehouse, and finished product warehouse scenarios

To ensure that each batch of products can meet the designed performance and service life requirements, the company has established a dedicated laboratory to conduct actual cutting performance and service life tests on the produced products according to the batch situation, ensuring that the products delivered to customers meet the requirements


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