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6000 Series TCT Ciurcular saw blade for aluminum cutting

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Carbide-tipped circular saw blades for undercutting, sawing, milling, grooving and groove-cutting of aluminum alloy materials.

At KOOCUT,we know that high quality tools come only from high quality raw materials. Steel body is the heart of the blade. In KOOCUT, we choose the Germany ThyssenKrupp 75CR1 steel body,the outstanding performance on resistance fatigue makes the operation more stable and make better cutting effect and durability. 

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Technical Data
Diameter 305
Tooth 100T
Bore 25.4
Grind G5
Kerf 3.0
Plate 2.0
Series HERO V5


Circular Saw Blade for aluminum cutting

  • Premium high quality carbide
  • Grinding by Germany VOLLMER and Germany  Gerling brazing machine
  • Finishing cuttting without chip
  • Silence design finishing cutting 


* A Silencer Slot Reduce the noise and speed up the heat dissipation

* Alternate Left and Right Teeth

* Precise Cutting
Special expansion slots reduce saw blade deformation.
* Wide Compatiblity
Can work with different brand ect. Great partner to together with your chainsaw machine.
It achieves 20% reduction of dust, 5db lower noise and significantly enhances the stability of working, which contribute to the environmental protection and worker well-being.
The new model provides 30% longer lifetime
Further increase 15% of sizing efficiency

TCT Saw Blade

saw blade


*Premium high quality Luxemburg original CETATIZIT carbide
* Grinding by Germany VOLLMER and Germany Gerling brazing machine
* Heavy-Duty Thick Kerf and Plate ensure a stable,flat blade for long cutting life
* Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut extending blade life and giving a
crisp,splinter-free flawless finish
* Life time is more than 40% compared with usual industrial class saw blade


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