News - What is a Universal Saw? Why Choose a Universal Saw?

What is a Universal Saw? Why Choose a Universal Saw?

The "universal" in the universal saw refers to the cutting ability of multiple materials. Yifu's universal saw refers to those electric tools that use carbide (TCT) circular saw blades, which can cut various materials including non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metals. Yifu Tools has long been committed to the design and production of various universal saw series, and is the first to develop and launch the "universal cutting technology". At present, the "universal cutting technology" is mainly used in traditional miter saws, electric circular saws, and profile cutting machines. , on the basis of the structural functions of different saws, it is upgraded to a universal cutting saw. Thus revolutionizing the creation of a new category of power tools. We call these saw tools that use "universal cutting technology" universal saws.

To understand the advantages of universal saws, we must first understand the status quo of traditional cutting tools. The existing cutting tools are mainly divided into two directions: Direction 1, carbide TCT saw blades for cutting softer materials—— For a detailed introduction of TCT saw blades, you can refer to "What is a carbide saw blade?" ". Traditional miter saws and electric circular saws use TCT saw blades, which are mainly used to cut wood or similar soft materials, or to cut some aluminum profiles and other materials with softer texture and thinner walls (the miter used for door and window decoration) Cutting saws are also called "aluminum saws"), but they cannot cut ferrous metals. In addition to the characteristics of wear resistance and long service life, TCT saw blades also have stable dimensional accuracy and smooth cutting section quality, which is very suitable for some fine work, such as furniture and interior decoration. However, the hardness of the tooth head of cemented carbide is very high, but the texture is very brittle; it is difficult to withstand the hard impact of ultra-high-speed "cutting", which leads to the fact that traditional circular saw tools cannot be used to cut ferrous metals.

Direction 2, grinding wheel slicing for cutting superhard materials. Traditional profile cutting machines and angle grinders use grinding wheel slices, which are mainly used to cut profiles, bars, pipes, etc. including ferrous metals; but they are generally not suitable for cutting non-metallic materials, such as wood and plastic. Grinding wheel slices are mainly composed of high-hardness abrasives and resin binders. The grinding method can theoretically "grind" very hard materials, such as ferrous metals; but the disadvantages are also very obvious:
1. Poor dimensional accuracy. The shape stability of the grinding wheel body is poor, resulting in poor cutting stability, basically for the purpose of cutting.
2. The security is not good. The body of the grinding wheel is made of resin and is very brittle; the grinding wheel may "disintegrate" when it rotates at high speed, and disintegration at high speed is a very fatal safety accident!
3. The cutting speed is extremely slow. The grinding wheel has no teeth, and the abrasive on the disc body is equivalent to "sawtooth". It can grind away very hard materials, but the speed is very slow;
4. The operating environment is poor. During the cutting process, a lot of sparks, dust, and smell will be generated, which are very harmful to the health of the operator.

5. The life of the grinding wheel is short. The grinding wheel itself is also worn while grinding, so its diameter is also getting smaller and smaller, and it becomes smaller and broken soon, so that it cannot be used anymore. The cutting times of a piece of grinding wheel can only be counted as dozens of times.
6. Fever. We can imagine that in the process of high-speed grinding, the temperature of the incision is very high. Cutting wood may burn the wood, and cutting plastic may melt the plastic. This is why traditional profile cutting machines cannot be used to cut non-metal s reason! Even when cutting ferrous metals, it will burn the material red and change the properties of the material... From this, we can see that there is a clear distinction between the current metal cutting tools and non-metal cutting tools, each doing its own thing. However, Yifu Tools Universal Saw took the lead in challenging and breaking this Chuhehan boundary. The universal saw uses the shape and structure platform of the existing conventional tools, which is suitable for most people's operating habits and general cognition. Through the optimization and transformation of internal mechanism parameters, transmission system and TCT saw blade, the so-called "one machine, one saw One slice, everything can be cut/One saw, One blade, Cuts all" realm. The significance of the emergence of the universal saw is that it includes different cutting materials into one machine, blurring the boundaries of different types of work (such as plumbers, carpenters, decoration workers, etc.), and avoiding the need to buy tools for what we do. embarrassment and helplessness.

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